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Hi, I'm Chloe!
aka @WorkFromDenver

I'm making my life work for me, one adventure at a time.
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Working from anywhere:

Virtual work is more popular now than ever before, which means coffee shops = the new workplace. As a coffee lover myself, this was perfectly fine with me until I realized how intensely risky it was to rely on Google reviews as I began exploring the Denver coffee shop scene. A 5-star neighborhood coffee shop could serve great drinks, but lack adequate WiFi, table space or outlets.

To solve this issue, I created @WorkFromDenver on Instagram where I review coffee shops for their actual workability in addition to their drink offerings. The following I quickly gained inspired me to create this blog and share other “work from anywhere” content with my readers. I believe strongly in stability, work-life-balance, adventures and creative outlets, and I want everyone to have access to all four.

If you’re interested in learning more about my adventures, my full-time tech job, the Denver coffee scene, and so much more... You’re in the right place! Read on, and let me know what you think (:

Check out a map of all of the work from anywhere spots I've reviewed:

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Two-laptop work from home set up in a hotel room at the Vib Hotel in RiNo, Denver
Things to Do

My Work-from-Home Staycation at The Vīb

Whether you’re looking for a staycation spot optimized for remote working or the perfect hotel for your next Denver visit, Best Western’s Vīb Hotel in RiNo combines convenience with style to provide an incredible stay for either purpose.
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A group of beauty products laying on a light pink surface
Fashion and Beauty

My Denver Beauty Staples

Moving to Denver’s dry climate has not been easy on my beauty routine. Here are some products and techniques that have become holy grails in my daily routine over the past few months in Colorado!
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A work-from-home setup featuring a wooden desk with a full coffee mug, a keyboard, a notebook, and earbuds
Work-Life Balance

Productivity, Balance, and Self-care

You know those things you want to do, but just never have time for? In 2023, I’m exploring the hypothesis that I don’t need to choose between prioritizing self care and making progress on personal projects - I just need to find strategies to balance them.
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Denver, Colorado is a city that has been growing in popularity in recent years, with more people choosing to make it their home. From its stunning mountain views and outdoor recreation opportunities to its thriving food and cultural scene, there are many reasons to consider moving to Denver.

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I’m always looking for new coffee shops, restaurants, events, etc. to explore and review! If you’re interested in collaborating with me, check out the page below for more information on how to contact me.

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