Hello there!

I'm Chloe Rice.

I'm a full-time product designer for a big tech firm by day, and Denver lifestyle and work-life-balance content creator by... also day? And sometimes night, lol.
Thanks for being here - it means so much to me! If you want to get to know me a little better, read on :)

Answering some of my FAQ's...

Q: Why did you move to Denver?
If you asked me four years ago where I thought I was going to end up after college, I would've told you NYC, Chicago, Austin, or some other "big city" with an "industry focus" and "strong networking opportunities" (typing these now make me a little sick to my stomach, lol). However, as I went through college and found myself feeling stuck as an upperclassman during the pandemic, I took advantage of my remote classes and internships and began exploring the US through road trips. I didn't expect it, but I absolutely fell in love with traveling and quickly became disillusioned to the 9-5 corporate hustle I had idealized since I got into business school.
When I received the full-time job offer I ended up accepting, I had the option to stay in Austin and go into the office or work remotely and move wherever I wanted to go. Thinking about how comfortable I had become with the flexibility that remote work provides and how excited I felt when I would road trip through the mountains, I went out on a limb, took the virtual offer, and moved to Denver. I chose an apartment in LoDo that would allow me to explore the city by foot but escape to the mountains in just an hour's drive, and I seriously could not be happier with my decision. I love it here so much, and don't see myself leaving for a very long time (if ever).
Q: What do you do in your full-time job?
I am currently working as a product designer on an Accessibility Center of Excellence at a big tech company. My primary functions include dashboard design (with some data transformation), accessible design auditing, and internal education / advocacy on the importance of accessibility in our internal and external digital products.
Q: How did you get into UX design?
This is a GREAT question, and one I don't really have a great answer to, unfortunately. As much as I wish I could give you guys resources and advice for getting into UX design, my journey to this career was quite unconventional and I don't have any "formal" experience or training.
I got to participate in two summer internships at my current company prior to accepting my full-time offer, and since I don't have the software engineering experience that many of my peers had, I was placed in a "researcher" role my first summer. I was helping the newly-created accessibility team that was suffering from a pandemic-fueled hiring freeze create standards and guidance for the company about accessible practices. Accidentally, I fell into some UX-aligned user testing and research as I interviewed employees with disabilities about their experiences with various services and assistive technology. I realized that I loved user research and the accessibility space, and I asked to explore more of a design-focused role when I accepted a return offer for the following summer.
In my second internship, I worked under a design principal and in a product design role. I learned how to use Figma for wireframing and high-fidelity prototypes, and spent the summer taking a static light-mode dashboard design and transforming it into a sleek, modern dark-mode view that was responsive to desktop, tablet, and mobile viewports. Although I loved the design aspect of my day-to-day role, I missed the user interfacing and collaborative work style I had when I was with the accessibility team.
When I received my full-time offer from the same company, I returned back to the accessibility team (now a Center of Excellence!) as a product designer and am so lucky to be enjoying the best of both summer internship experiences.
Q: Why did you start @WorkFromDenver?
Ah, Work from Denver... truly the biggest surprise and blessing since I've gotten here!
When I got to Denver, I knew I needed to make an effort to work from places other than my apartment as much as possible. Don't get me wrong, my work-from-home set up is amazing for intensive work days, but there are some lulls in any corporate job where you find yourself in long meetings, trainings, or just a stretch of answering emails, and it's SO much easier to get through those from cute spots in my new city!
Unfortunately, I quickly found that Google reviews were so not ideal for finding remote work spots. I'd drive to a 5-star coffee shop with glowing review just to find that they don't have wifi, or the table space is basically nonexistent, or there are no outlets. I remember saying to myself that someone should create a space where coffee shops are reviewed based on their remote workability, then I thought... Why can't I just do that?
So I did! And @WorkFromDenver was born :)
Q: How much time do you spend on content creation?
Another great question - and the answer is that it totally depends.
At the end of the day, my full-time job funds my life here, so it always comes first. On weeks that are busier at work for me, I might only have time to visit one or two coffee shops and make one reel from recycled content (ending up at about 6 hours a week of researching, visiting, and creating). On lighter weeks, I may be able to visit a different coffee shop every single day, make a ton of reels and save them to my drafts, and work on other mediums like Tik Tok or this blog. On those weeks, I can end up spending over 20 hours on side projects related to Work from Denver.
Now that I'm branching into brand partnerships and lifestyle content, content creation takes up a lot more of my time than it used to. For example, I can normally get ready in the morning in 10 minutes, but when I'm filming a GRWM or a DITL, that goes up to 30 minutes. Or, if I'm working with a new brand and my perfectionism kicks in, I can spend twice as long as I usually would to edit a reel to make sure it's really *perfect*. In this new phase of Work from Denver, my goal for myself is to find a healthy balance between personal projects and my full time job - check out my blog for more on that!